True Beauty Shines

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 I love all the insight I receive from my young little girls hearts and mouths on a daily basis. I know it is said time and time again "like the mind of a child" but I never knew how much this held true until my own children began to grow and mature.  Since it has been quite some time since I last blogged, my oldest Kinsleigh has turned 5.  She is beginning to ask more questions about God and life in general and I LOVE IT.  You can see the little wheels in her head going round and round as she is oh so very curious about her world around her.  The other day we were having one of our pretty deep intentional talks on the drive home from school and what she said really stuck with me.  She was basically asking about how God created different things and how we were given different attributes to all look unique.  I love chatting with her about these topics because I get to highlight the true AWESOME-NESS of Christ.  But the best part of it all is she ended the conversation with this..."Mommy, I'm so glad God made me with brown hair, brown eyes and my skin just this color.  He made me just the way I want to look and I love it!" How often and early are these thoughts corrupted and we are tricked into thinking that we should look differently?  I love that she is so happy with who she is...if only it could stay that way.  And I believe it can, by the way we choose to build our children up and remind them of it daily.  I can guarantee you that neither one of my children have gone a day in their lives without their Daddy or I telling them they look beautiful in some way during at least one point in the day.  Because I know how beneficial it is to the health and well being of their growing up as a young girl in this ever so demanding world we live in.  Then you have my youngest, Kyla, who has all the complete opposites of her big sister. Blonde (curly) hair, blue eyes, and tall and skinny.  People sometimes have to ask if they are even sisters!  Just last night in the tub, her sister decided it would be funny to pour water over her head and tell her that her hair was turning brown.  Of course it was because it was wet but poor little Kyla was terrified that it would be permanent.  She began screaming "Mommy, Mommy! My hair is turning brown and it won't be blonde ever again!"  Granted, big sister thought it was funny but I loved that she was so concerned that she wasn't going to stay the way she already was.  We got asked at least 3 more times before heading to bed that evening if it had returned to it's original state yet.
Be careful what you say around your kids.  The way they feel about themselves primarily comes from the one and only you.  Children don't know the meaning of ugly, fat, weird, and "different" until it is taught to them.  Obviously, at some point in their lives, they are going to know.  But it is your job as a parent to make sure it never gets believed...or spread.

Why Arbonne?

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Now is the time I'm going to share about an experience that is transforming my life in more ways than one....

First of all, if you don't know what Arbonne is or anything about it, let me just briefly tell you!  We are a swiss formulated company.  Therefore, we follow the European standards in our products, meaning that the 1300 chemicals that have been banned in their products are banned from Arbonne's products.  In the U.S. only TEN of those 1300 have been banned. Makes you want to pay a little more attention to what you are using on a daily basis huh?  All of Arbonne's products are PURE, SAFE, and BENEFICIAL.  If a product is not all of those things for both you and the environment, then it does NOT go into our products!  That's a nutshell!

Before Arbonne, I always said "That kind of thing is not for me" "I don't do those kind of parties" "I don't fully believe in network marketing"  "That stuff is too expensive anyway" "I'm not a salesperson" yadi yadi ya! But little did I know, that after hosting one small party for a close friend of mine, I would find out that it WAS for me.  Not only was it fun, but I was highly educated on how I could make a better change for both myself AND my family.  Did I suddenly change and become a salesperson? NO.  I just share with others what I love and help them make a better change for themselves as well and the products speak for themselves, so I don't have to do much in that department.  Are the products still "too expensive for me?" Well the prices haven't changed because the saying is true that you get what you pay for but guess what?! I now EARN my products.  All my skincare, makeup and nutrition needs. Because I'm working a business around it.  So I'm actually spending LESS, yes LESS than what I did before on the cheap Wal Mart/Target stuff I was buying and not doing any benefit for myself.  Can't beat that!

Network marketing.  I've got to learn A LOT about what Network Marketing is and what it is not...Let's just get past the rumor that it is a pyramid scheme right now, because it's not.  People who think this, think it because they don't have the facts.  There is not just one high and mighty person at the top making all the money while you do all the work.  Anyone has the potential to make it to the top and your business will go wherever you want to take it. It's purely up to you.  You aren't in the business to "make money" off of your friends and family.  Not how it works.  I'm genuinely sincere about the products I have and am in this business because I want others to experience not only the healthy benefits of them as well but I am here to train so you too can enjoy the business right along side me and do the same. If you are interested in learning more about network marketing before you want to believe me, I highly recommend "The Flip Flop CEO."  GREAT read!

Network marketing happens in 3 basic steps...learning about the companies offering, spreading the word about it, and then teaching others to do the same. You get freedom! Time freedom, financial freedom, you name it! Whether you want to make a little extra spending money, save for your kids college, or see the BIG picture of what the business can do for you.  The sky is the limit and it's up to only YOU what you do with your business!  You are owning your own business, but without all the hassles of doing so.  You get recognized and appreciated for your job well done ALL THE TIME. I can't think of many jobs that do that. And last but definitely not least, you get to choose who you work with! And that brings me to my team...

My team.  Wow! Can I just say that I could not ask for a better/sweeter more motivating team that the one we have right here in our Region.  They are remarkable. We are all in this together and we refuse to let someone not succeed.  You get to pick WHO you work with, WHEN you work and do WHAT you want with it.  Your "boss" is your close friend along with all your "coworkers" and "employees." I'd LOVE for you to consider joining our team.  Trust me, you wouldn't regret it. I promise you, it will be the best job you ever had or ever will have. I know you want to be driving that new Mercedes down the road with me just as much as I do!

Travel. Who likes to travel??? Oh me me me!  Arbonne gives you traveling opportunities that you can earn throughout the year.  And they are so not out of reach!  Very doable to earn and you can even bring your family right along side you if you choose. =)  Yes, please!

My health and wellbeing.  As most of you know, I was diagnosed with Lupus back in December of 2006.  At that time and for the years following, I was ripped of all my energy.  My body ached and fatigue would overtake me! Since starting Arbonne, I feel like a whole new person!   Our health and wellness products have restored my energy entirely and I no longer feel like I want to fall asleep and just stay low key on a daily basis.  I am full of life and full of energy and there will be NO turning back for me.  As far as my hair, most people with auto immune diseases experience a lot of hair loss.  I was one of those. BIG TIME. Now, I'm no longer spilling out literally handfuls of hair down the drain each and every day when I wash my hair.  And my skin is remarkably soft and healthy.  I've never had any real problems in this area but my overall complexion has changed tremendously.  It's so refreshing.  I literally could go on and on with all the ways Arbonne is and has already drastically changed my life.

So if I'm pouring my heart out about Arbonne sometimes when you see me, or I'm contacting you to talk to you about it, it's because I've discovered the chance of a lifetime and I want you to do the same because I love ya and care for ya! So just take it as a compliment. ;)

Spring Break "Stay-cation"

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Soooo the last time I posted a blog was back in October! There are many parts of me that has missed the blogging world but other parts of me that hasn't because it has allowed me to focus on so many other things.  But I am going to try my hardest to at least shoot for one a month?!  Keeping it short and simple tonight as our Spring Break comes to a close.  Who ever knew staying home for Spring Break could be filled with so much fun?!!!!

Day 1: Welcome to Spring Break and a little bit of nice weather! School is out and we are ready to enjoy these next 9 days!!!

Day 2: Our first visit to "Build a Bear"  This was a very special occasion because Kyla's binky went bye bye! That's right! No more babies in this house!! Big girls all the way. woo hoo! And since Kyla to to make one, obviously sister did too. (Did I mention Daddy was gone for 3 days and this cost me entirely too much money?)

Meet Pumkin Charm and Pumpkin Binky...

Day 3:  Working on our leprechaun traps to set out for St. Patty's Day 

Pretty cool huh?  Unfortunately we didn't catch him! =(

 Not pictured...Day 4. Daddy came home this day and we were too busy LOVIN on him!

 Day 5: Kinsleigh had her very first sleep over ever with her little friend Bennett! They both did awesome! The night was complete with making some "Frozen" treats to enjoy while watching the movie!

Day 6: Not only did the girls and I get to have lunch with my best friend Bridget while she was in town but Daddy (and Avery) built the girls a brand new AMAZING sand box in the backyard!!

Day 7: We decided to try our first family hiking trip.  Headed on over to Turkey Mountain and I almost can't even believe it myself when I say that NOBODY whined the whole time! They LOVED it and went all the way to the top!

Day 8: Girls went and stay overnight with Bamma and Paw Paw. They had all kinds of fun crafts planned for the girls and they had a blast.  I think the riding on the lawnmower was a real winner too! ;)  Check out this "indoor" play sand...coolest stuff ever and has already provided hours of entertainment!

Day 9:  Bamma and Paw Paw took them to the Science Museum in OKC before bringing them on back to us!  What a special time!

Day 10:  Spring Break is done and we are ready to head on back to school!

Kinsleigh's 1st Field Trip...EVER

| Thursday, October 3, 2013 | 0 comments |'s been a long time.  Like a long, LONG time since I've blogged.  It just hasn't seemed to be my specialty lately.  With a busy summer all done with and getting back into the swing of things with school, it just never seems to happen.  And not to mention our little miss Kinsleigh going to school five days a week this year really keeps us on our toes! (but in a good way of course!)  But what better thing to present you with as a welcoming back to the blog but a glimpse at Kinsleigh's FIRST of many field trips for this school year.  Her Excel class is so beyond amazing that I'm beginning to get a little frightened knowing that most likely no other class in her lifetime is going to come close to comparison.  
Going to play and learn with her about apples and pumpkins at the Livesay Orchard in Porter, OK was such a blast for both of us.  Her teachers did an awesome job at incorporating lessons into their trip in a fun and exciting way and it's simply just a great group of kiddos!  

We kind of have to work on our bowling skills...

This would be the first and only way she's even come remotely close to milking a cow. She wanted to water the ground with it. Us city folks don't get out to the country enough these days. 

 Excel class 2013-14!!!